20,000 virtual clocks
24 time zones
one server

Time Machine®, the virtual clock for application testing

Time Machine® provides software virtual clocks that enable you to time travel your applications into the future or the past, facilitating time shift testing on your date and time sensitive application logic, such as month end, quarter end, year end processing, billing cycle, work flow, regulatory go live, and policy life cycle.

Time Machine is transparent to applications and databases so no code modification is required to do time shift testing and the system clock is never modified.

Windows, Linux, Unix, Mainframe zLinux, Dockerized, Virtualized or On-Iron.  Time Machine runs everywhere you need it.

Time Machine saves ten-fold or more on resources and costs associated with time shift testing. It enables you to finish your large scale software projects on time and under budget.

Time Machine eliminates the need to reset the system clock, which is time consuming, error prone and not possible under Active Directory or in a Kerberos secured environment.   

The Time Machine Suite of Products includes the Time Machine Sync Server, the Time Machine Framework for JBoss, the Time Machine Framework for Oracle and the Time Machine Framework for WebLogic.

  • Save hardware and software costs 
  • Boost engineering team productivity
  • Mitigate risks for mission-critical application failures
  • Ensure large scale software projects finish on time and under budget
  • A sole solution for Active Directory or Kerberos date based testing

Common Test Scenarios

SAP Testing

Solution-Soft's Time Machine has been a fundamental tool used by many SAP customers for more than a decade.  Our SAP customers have all seen faster and easier deployments from using our software which resulted in significant time & cost savings.  More


Migration Testing

Solution-Soft’s numerous customers have found that using Time Machine to test and validate all date & time logic within their new or migrated environments has allowed them to complete their migration process on-time and under budget.  More


Regression Testing

Solution-Soft’s enterprise customers may spend an inordinate amount of time regression testing mission critical systems. Using Time Machine to test and validate all date & time related test cases allow them to get to market on-time and under budget.  More


Active Directory Testing

Microsoft's Active Directory functions as the central security control in Microsoft networks as well as many mixed mode enterprises.  It provides a variety of networking services such as LDAP, Kerberos-based authentication, Domain Name services, and single sign-on for domain access.  It also allows administrators to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates. Because Active Directory is so tightly coupled with the systems in it's domain it is nearly impossible to date & time test applications for future events.  This is due primarily to Microsoft's Kerberos authentication process which prevents any system clock changes.  

Benefits of using Time Machine in Active Directory

Time Machine provides the only way to thoroughly date test software applications in an Active Directory environment.  The Time Machine software was engineered specifically to allow applications to maintain their security privileges with the AD domain while they move forward in time with a "virtual clock".  This allows the processes under test to see all their necessary network resources while time shift testing is completed.

Customer Quotes 

"Time Machine will be very beneficial to our Windows Server enterprise customers and application service providers that are providing services to end-users from different time zones." 

David Hamilton, Product Manager - Microsoft Corp.

"Time Machine provided a quick and efficient way to date forward servers without having to build a solution or change application code.  The product (Time Machine) has worked out as advertised and we do not have any issues. It simply works!" 

Doug Rowe, Manager of Distribution Solutions - Nationwide

Active Directory Case Studies

Equiniti Group Time Machine helps streamline testing of pension application in Windows Active Directory environment

Nationwide Insurance Testing the effects of rate changes to Insurance policies in applications running on Windows servers in an Active Directory environment

Australian Tax-Entity Verifies Change Program Management System (CPMS)  Windows .NET development front-end with a COBOL & mainframe back-end

Anonymous U.S. State .NET Web-based Tax Filing and payment system

UK Based Bank Date testing of mortgage, banking, and insurance  systems in a Windows Active Directory environment.



Time Machine has been Certified on Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Time Machine has been Certified on Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Time Machine has been Certified Oracle SuperCluster Ready

Time Machine has been Certified Oracle VM Ready

Time Machine has been Certified Oracle Database Ready

Time Machine has been Certified Oracle Solaris Ready

Time Machine has been Certified Oracle Linux Ready

Time Machine has been Certified Oracle Exadata Ready

Time Machine has been Certified Oracle Exalogic Ready

Time Machine has been Certified Oracle WebLogic Ready

The Time Machine Management Console

The Time Machine Management Console enhances the management of Time Machine by giving users the ability to securely manage time shift testing across any number of systems running Time Machine via a simple interface. 

In addition to the enhanced ease of use for the local implementation of Time Machine, the Management Console enables management and configuration of the other tools in the Time Machine family of products including the Time Machine Sync Server, the Time Machine Framework for Oracle and the Time Machine Framework for WebLogic.

Learn more about the Time Machine Management Console

Customer Quotes

“This was successful and the app team verified that the performance was good. So, they are happy. Thank you for enabling this to happen. It's been a long road but we are getting there now."

SAP Database Administrator / Database Services

“We were totally blown away when we found this [Time Machine].  We installed it, and we haven't looked back.!"

Kyle Duke
Senior Systems Analyst
CHD Meridian Healthcare

“Life is easy, now that we have the TM [Time Machine] Web Console!"

Michael Jones
Systems Administrator
Medavie Blue Cross

“I like the car analogy for Time Machine.  We, British Gas,  have the car, great engine and top technology, all is there for our projects, but without the tires, Time Machine, we can’t go very fast."

Vijay Dwarakanath
Environment Delivery & Support Team Manager
Quality Assurance & Control | BGIS

"Time Machine a powerful enabler for testing time dependent logic in a controlled and more importantly safe manner.  We sense a genuine desire from our account manager through to the support team to make our needs a priority.  In the end it feels like they are an extension to our team."

Shaun Lee Roberts
DWP Development Architecture

"Time Machine is invaluable for our on-time deployment of the Change Program Management System (CPMS) for our client, The Australian Taxation Office.   I really appreciate the quick turn-around time from Solution-Soft team on this requirement.  This is indicative of the professional and consistent service that Solution-Soft has been providing us on an on-going basis which in turn has helped us to deliver and meet our clients requirements in a timely manner."

Rahul Joshi
Information Analyst
EDS Australia

"Not using Time Machine has created a huge mess in new implementations. For all new projects moving forward Time Machine will be used as a standard for our testing requirements, ultimately this will satisfy our clients' needs."

Andrew Strain
Platforms & Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead
Accenture UK