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Are You Using the Right SAP Testing Methodology?

As software engineers, developers, and testers, we all deal with zeros and ones.  We are all accustomed to simplifying our every-day questions and seek out yes-or-no answers.  Yet, real life questions aren’t simple, and addressing them properly requires us to be aware and consider a lot more contextual factors. We are trained to know that there is only one right answer to 2+2, not a right answer dependent on the context in which 2+2 is employed.


There is little doubt that cloudy is the weather pattern of choice in the digital world nowadays.

The flexibility and scalability of the cloud has moved computing into new realms of what is possible. While we are closer to infinite storage now than we were five years ago with static hardware computing devices, more importance than ever is being placed on software that is robust, making quality-control with software testing even more necessary.